Privacy Policy

Tesalia S.C.P. provides this Privacy Policy to explain how it treats Monogolf users data.

Personal information

We don’t collect any personal information from our players. However, Monogolf integrates third party SDKs that are used for advertising (Google Admob), enabling in-app purchases (Google) or providing achievements (Google). We allow this operators to collect players information. This information could include, but is not limited to, persistent advertising identifiers, geolocation information, and IP addresses.

We encourage you to review the privacy policies of the two third party operators we use in Monogolf. They are listed below.

Non-personal information

We don’t store any kind of non-personal information from our players. However, Monogolf asks them if they are right or left-handed for gameplay purposes. The game also asks our players devices for their resolutions in order to rescale itself properly. This information is stored only in our users devices.

We allow third parties to collect some anonymous information by which users cannot be identified. Non-personal information may include technical information about our players devices, such as their screen resolution, device type, language and type of operating system and geo location. Non-personal information is gathered by third party services while you are accessing the service. They are allowed to use this information to conduct research and analysis, but only for strictly limited purposes.

Again, we encourage you to review the policies of our third party operators. They are listed below.

What our third-party operators do with the data collected.

Advertisers (Admob) collect data regarding advertisement performance, user’s interaction with ads, Monogolf and user’s interests. Collected data may include user’s personal information in order to serve users ads and for the third parties’ legitimate business interests.

Third party operators are allowed to collect and use non-personal information to conduct research and analysis, or to target advertisements, or other limited purposes. This information cannot be used to individually identify any user. We encourage you to review the policies of the third party operators listed below.

Third party operators

  1.  Advertising. Tesalia allows advertisements from Third Party (Admob) ad networks to be displayed in Monogolf. For persons in European Union countries, we have configured Monogolf to respect user’s choice to opt-out of behavioural advertising to be compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation of 2016 (GDPR).
  2. In-App Purchases. In order to make an in-app purchase, a user must use a third party (Google) checkout options that we have integrated with Monogolf to finalize and pay for their order. Google’s privacy policy and security practices will apply to this process. We encourage you to read that privacy statement before providing your information.
  3. Game Services. Monogolf integrates Google Play Game Services. Google offers its own privacy policy, listed below.

Links to our third party operators privacy policys